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Palau, A., Rizzo, J. R., Girart, J. M., Henkel, C., A Luminous Blue Variable star interacting with a nearby Infrared Dark Cloud, Astrophysical Journal Letters, 784, L21, pp. 6pp, 2014, apr, ISM: individual objects (G79.29+0.46, G79.3+0.3) – ISM: lines and bands – radio continuum: ISM – stars: formation, 1401.8248, 10.1088/2041-8205/784/2/L21    View Bibtex Entry Google Search Scholar Search
Palau, A., Estalella, R., Girart, J. M., Fuente, A., Fontani, F., Commercon, B., Busquet, G., Bontemps, S., Sanchez-Monge, A., Zapata, L. A., Zhang, Q., Hennebelle, P., Di Francesco, J., Fragmentation of massive dense cores down to ~1000 AU: Relation between fragmentation and density structure, Astrophysical Journal, 785, pp. 42 (18pp), 2014, apr, galaxies: star clusters: general – radio continuum: ISM – stars: formation – techniques: high angular resolution, 1401.8292, 10.1088/0004-637X/785/1/42    View Bibtex Entry Google Search Scholar Search
K. Bamba,S. Nojiri,, Odintsov, S. D., and D. Saez-Gomes, Possible antigravity regions in F(R) theory? , Physics Letters B, 730, pp. 136-140, 2014, arXiv:1401.1328, 10.1016/j.physletb.2014.01.045    View Bibtex Entry Google Search Scholar Search
Epstein, C. R., Elsworth, Y. P., Shetrone, M. D., Mosser, B., Tayar, J., Harding, P., Pinsonneault, M. H., Silva Aguirre, V., Basu, S., Bizyaev, D., Bedding, T., Chaplin, W. J., Garcia, R., Garcia Perez, A., Hearty, F., Hekker, S., Huber, D., Ivans, I. I., Majewski, S., Mathur, S., Serenelli, A., Schiavon, R. P., Schoenrich, R., Sobeck, J., Zasowski, G., Exploring Stellar Populations and Asteroseismology with APOGEE and Kepler, American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts, 223, American Astronomical Society Meeting Abstracts, pp. #403.04, 2014, jan    View Bibtex Entry Google Search Scholar Search
L.Sebastiani, G. Cognola, R. Myrzakulov, Odintsov, S. D., and S. Zerbini, Nearly Starobinsky inflation from modified gravity , Physical Review D, 89, pp. 023518, 2014, arXiv:1311.0744 [gr-qc], 10.1103/PhysRevD.89.023518     View Bibtex Entry Google Search Scholar Search
Hernanz, M., V2487 Oph 1998: a post nova in an intermediate polar, European Physical Journal Web of Conferences, 64, European Physical Journal Web of Conferences, pp. 7002, 2014, jan, 10.1051/epjconf/20136407002    View Bibtex Entry Google Search Scholar Search
Hales, A. S., De Gregorio-Monsalvo, I., Montesinos, B., Casassus, S., Dent, W. R. F., Eiroa, C., Hughes, A. M., Garay, G., Mardones, D., Ménard, F., Palau, A., Pérez, S., Phillips, N., Torrelles, J., Wilner, D., A gas-rich disk around DX Cha, IAU Symposium, 299, IAU Symposium, pp. 161-162, 2014, jan, 10.1017/S174392131300820X    View Bibtex Entry Google Search Scholar Search
Osorio, M., Anglada, G., Carrasco-González, C., Torrelles, J., D'Alessio, P., Rodríguez, L. F., Calvet, N., Gómez, J. F., Mayen-Gijon, J. M., Dent, W. R. F., Substructure and Signs of Planet Formation in the Disk of HD 169142, IAU Symposium, 299, IAU Symposium, pp. 145-148, 2014, jan, stars: formation, planetary systems: formation, protoplanetary disks,, 10.1017/S1743921313008132    View Bibtex Entry Google Search Scholar Search
Chaplin, W. J., Basu, S., Huber, D., Serenelli, A., Casagrande, L., Silva Aguirre, V., Ball, W. H., Creevey, O. L., Gizon, L., Handberg, R., Karoff, C., Lutz, R., Marques, J. P., Miglio, A., Stello, D., Suran, M. D., Pricopi, D., Metcalfe, T. S., Monteiro, M. J. P. F. G., Molenda-\.Zakowicz, J., Appourchaux, T., Christensen-Dalsgaard, J., Elsworth, Y., García, R. A., Houdek, G., Kjeldsen, H., Bonanno, A., Campante, T. L., Corsaro, E., Gaulme, P., Hekker, S., Mathur, S., Mosser, B., Régulo, C., Salabert, D., Asteroseismic Fundamental Properties of Solar-type Stars Observed by the NASA Kepler Mission, Astrophysical Journal Supplements, 210, pp. 1, 2014, jan, asteroseismology, methods: data analysis, stars: fundamental parameters, stars: interiors, 1310.4001, 10.1088/0067-0049/210/1/1    View Bibtex Entry Google Search Scholar Search
Cardellach, E., Rius, A., Martín-Neira, M., Fabra, F., Nogués-Correig, O., Ribó, S., Kainulainen, J., Camps, A., D Addio, S., Consolidating the Precision of Interferometric GNSS-R Ocean Altimetry using Airborne Experimental Data, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 52, 8, pp. 4992 - 5004, 2014, aug, 10.1109/TGRS.2013.2286257    View Bibtex Entry Google Search Scholar Search