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PhD students in Computational Astrophysics


Contexto del Proyecto: computational astrophysics
Horario: 3 years from January 2010

Requisitos y Descripción
Calificación: degree in Physics

Two PhD positions open at the Institue of Space Science (ICE, CSIC-IEEC), in Barcelona. The Obervational Cosmology and Extragalactic astrophysics group at the Institute of Space Science (ICE, www.ice.csic.es/en/) seeks to appoint two PhD studentships. The eligible candidate is expected to carry out a PhD research programme in computational astrophysics, with particular attention to the development and scientific exploitation of large cosmological simulations. The group offers the oportunity to participate in the MICE project (www.ice.cat/mice), the European ITN network on Computational Cosmology, COSMOCOMP, and different topics within modern observational cosmology (galaxy clustering, galaxy formation, CMB) with a focus on large astronomical surveys in which the group is involved (DES, PAU, Euclid, Planck). The group has wide access to the 10,000 core Marenostrum supercomputer (www.bsc.es) and other high-performance computing facilities. Senior members of the group include: F.Castander, M.Crocce, P.Fosalba and E.Gaztanaga. The appointment is for 3 years, with a flexible starting date (January-October 2010). Applications received before December 31 2009 will receive full consideration, but will continue to be considered until the position is filled. To apply, please send CV, publication list, no more than three pages of research proposal, and the e-mail address of two referees to Pablo Fosalba (fosalba@ice.cat).

Presentación Solicitud
Fecha límite de la solicitud (yyyy-mm-dd): 2009-12-31
Documentos a presentar: CV, publication list, no more than three pages of research proposal, and the email address of two referees to Pablo Fosalba (fosalba@ieec.uab.es).


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Campus UAB, Fac. Ciencias, Torre C5 parell 2
08193 Bellaterra, SPAIN


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