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Contract Offer for a Polar Engineer/Physicist


Contexto del Proyecto: Develop a ruggedized GPS receiving system for operations under polar conditions
Horario: Full time

Requisitos y Descripción
Calificación: Bachelor degree in Engineering (Telecommunications, Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical) or Physics
Experiencia: None necessary; familiarity with GPS preferred
Languages: Fluent in English


This offer is for a contract at the Institute for Space Sciences of the National Research Council (ICE/CSIC; www.ice.csic.es), Barcelona, Spain. The contract, to develop GPS instrumentation for polar observations, is associated to a scientific research project for the International Polar Year (IPY 2007-2009) that has been recently funded by the Spanish National Program of the Ministry of Education and Science (MEC). The goal of this project is to characterize the dynamics of glacier flow using in situ high-rate GPS measurements as well as satellite and other remote sensing data.

We seek to build an off-the-shelf, ruggedized version of a GPS receiving system that can operate on a fast-flowing glacier under polar winter conditions. The basic components of the system will include a GPS receiver board, a GPS antenna, a solar-power system, and a satellite-based telecommunications system. This development builds heavily on the experience acquired during the Arctic summer of 2006, when we deployed ~20 GPS sites on Helheim Glacier, a tidewater glacier in east Greenland, to collect high-rate GPS data for two months while sites flowed downslope with the glacier ice.

The candidate will work very closely with our project partners in the USA and Denmark.

The duties of the candidate include:
  • Design the electronics and mechanical components of a ruggedized GPS system
  • Work with other engineers and scientists involved in the project
  • Integrate the components developed by these engineers with own development
  • Build and test a working prototype by the Arctic summer of 2007
  • Add a telecommunications component for remote GPS data retrieval, after the summer of 2007
  • Travel to Greenland may be required for testing purposes
The position is immediately available, and will remain open until filled

Presentación Solicitud
Fecha límite de la solicitud (yyyy-mm-dd): 2007-02-01
Documentos a presentar: Call (93-280-2088) or email Pedro Elosegui (see below) to express interest and/or for further information.


pelosegui*ice.csic.es sobre


Edifici Nexus. c/Gran Capità, 2-4
08034 Barcelona, SPAIN


(+34) 93 280 63 95