The focus of this 4-day mini-workshop will be on different aspects of modern theoretical cosmology and the challenge to be consistent with observational data. Hence the workshop will cover topics related to modified theories of gravities, other theories of Dark Energy and Inflation, the description of the Universeís evolution in these theories and the elegant and compulsory modification of these within the theoretical framework of quantum gravity, with Loop Quantum Cosmology being the most elegant theory providing up to date a singularity free cosmological evolution. We aim to bring together specialists in the field of theoretical cosmology and discuss the latest developments in the field, in the relaxing environment of Rhodes. Our purpose is to keep a small number of participants and to create a compact scientific core of specialists which will critically and concretely present their ideas and thoughts on the current challenges in Cosmology.

The Workshop is open to related topics. These include:

  • Cosmological models: modified gravities, f(R) theories and the like, non-local models.
  • Possibility of Observing Modified Gravity in an Astrophysical Level (Neutron Stars)
  • Quantum Gravity
  • Quantum Cosmology and Loop Quantum Cosmology
  • The cosmological constant problem.


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