We have just begun the project and some works are in preparation… Stay tuned!

We are participating in several international conferences, workshops and schools:


Research of fundmental physics and astrophysics is nice, and the knowledge can have long-term impacts (up to centuries, see for instance electromagnetism). However, it is pretty evident that in the day by day, a direct impact of pure astrophysical research on society is barely visible. Moreover, similarly to the economical gap, the educational gap tends to increase fast too. On one side, there are hyper-specialized researchers, who had the mix of possibility, time, skills, merit and efforts to pursue such desired job. On the other side, the majority of human beings who live/have lived/will live on this planet, were denied the possibility, time, energy or focus to even think about a dream job, or to enjoy the natural tendency to curiosity that dwells in many human beings, everywhere, every time. Such differences strongly correlate with something that nobody can choose: birth place, gender and familiar/social environment, above all. Moreover, it creates a big distance between researchers and common people, with a mutual disconnection.

For this reason, IMAGINE aims also at divulgation, education and sharing of knowledge, both locally and globally. We aim at participating at the institutional initiatives of outreach in schools. In particular, we are deeply involved in the programme Magnet recently joint by our institute, within the alliance with the Gabriel Castellà i Raich nursery/primary school in Igualada (Barcelona).

We are also in contact with the East Astronomical Society, and we plan to set up activities aiming at a knowledge transfer: participation in Master classes; visits to Uganda and Ethopia.

Finally, checkout the book for children in stores now, “Storie Stellari“, (ed. Temperino Rosso, Italy), a set of tales telling the origin of the Solar system, seen through fantasy lenses. Authors: Daniele Viganò and Elena Borghese.