Long-term magneto-thermal evolution

The internal structure of a self-gravitating object with a given mass and chemical composition can be obtained through the knowledge of the equation of state with standard methods. Currently, the equation of state is arguably well known up to moderate pressures for a fair range of the parameter space describing the composition of H, He, water and rocks. We will consider all the up-to-date experimental constraints on the different relevant phases of matter. The additional parameters of rotation, time-dependent irradiation from the host star and atmospheric composition will be considered. The structure of the planets is the basis to model the cooling history, i.e. to predict the evolution of the internal structure as the outer layers radiate the energy away on Gyr timescales. Cooling models evolve the energy balance, i.e. how the residual internal heat diffuses out, considering the local heat capacity, thermal conductivity, and energy sources/losses (radiation).

We aim at an organic description of the long-term evolution by connecting dynamo simulation with a given structure, to its long-term expected evolution.

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