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We develop theoretical models and technologies to understand the Universe we live in, how it formed and evolved, and how it behaves.

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The Institute of Space Sciences has been awarded the 'María de Maeztu' distinction of excellence. Discover more about the award and browse related available positions.


The new faces at the institute. Welcome, everyone!

  • Ciska Kemper

    Ciska Kemper is an ICREA research professor working on the formation and evolution of dust in the interstellar medium of galaxies.

  • Patrícia Ferrés Rubau

    She's a member of AEU, with background in Mechatronics Engineering. She will help in several ICE's projects, specially for hardware design. 

  • Daniel Íñiguez

    He is a PhD student working on the modeling of the high-energy emission of pulsars with effective radiative models.

  • Cristina Jiménez

    She is a PhD student at HOSTFLOWS project working on the characterization of the local environments of nearby standard candles.

  • Lluc Ramon Busquets

    He is a PhotSat Mission analyst engineer and he's currently working on the technical definition of the system requirements for the PhotSat mission project.

  • George Dorin Ferentz

    He is an economist integrated in the Advanced Engineering Unit, coordinating new internal standard procedures, managing staff and costs.

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