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Physics Lab

Physics Laboratory

The Physics Laboratory is used to design and implement new physics instrumentation in frequency bands that span from the millihertz range up to microwave frequencies.


The laboratory is equipped with very stable low frequency (mHz) and microwave equipment: signal generators, spectrum analysers and high-speed oscilloscopes.

It consists of 10 work benches with UPS electric lines and high-speed Ethernet sockets. Two soldering rework stations allow the fast mounting and substitution of electronic components. In addition, the laboratory has a small mechanical workshop and a 3D printer in support of the development of minor tackle.

The laboratory also has a three-phase electric line and two gas lines (N2, compressed air) and the necessary safety sensors, and also has a temperature and controlled cabinet for the storage of sensitive electronic components. Besides, the laboratory also has a dark room for the development of double-sided printed circuit boards.

Finally, its temperature is maintained stable, and temperature and humidity are monitored continuously.