The recent discovery of gravitational waves will allow in the following years an unprecedented view of previously invisible parts of the Universe. This will unravel the physics of the most compact stars, the neutron stars, which are unique objects whose emission encompasses all the available multi-messenger tracers: electromagnetic waves, cosmic rays, neutrinos, and gravitational waves. These relativistic stars are also unique laboratories where not only the most extreme gravity and electromagnetism can be probed, but also the strong and weak interaction can be studied in regimes that have no hope of being explored on Earth. The study of these objects transcends the traditional astrophysical approach and requires a multidisciplinary effort that spans from particle and nuclear physics to astrophysics, from experiment to theory, from gravitational waves to the electromagnetic spectrum. The COST Action PHAROS (CA16214) has the ambitious goal of attacking key challenges in the physics involved in neutron stars by facing them via an innovative, problem based approach, focussing on current, and new, data and experiments, and that hinges on interdisciplinary Working Groups. This is the first big conference we organize within the PHAROS project, and it is funded by COST. Aim of this conference is to merge inter-disciplinary expertise within the astrophysics, nuclear and gravitational physics community, to create an interactive background to study neutron stars in all their most diverse aspects.


Invited Speakers (confirmed ones)

Michalis Agathos (Cambridge University)

Miguel Angel Aloy (Univesity of Valencia)

Nils Andersson (University of Southampton)

Michal Bejger (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center)

Maria Grazia Bernardini (LUPM, Montpelier)

Arianna Carbone (ECT Trento)

Francesco Coti Zelati (CSIC-IEEC Barcelona)

Cristobal Espinoza (University of Santiago, Chile)

Anthea Fantina (GANIL, Caen)

Konstantinos Gourgouliatos (Durham University)

Jerome Guilet (CEA, Saclay)

Alice Harding (NASA)

Jason Hessels (University of Amsterdam)

Elena Kantor (Ioffe Institute)

Evan Keane (SKA Center)

Michael Kramer (Max Planck Bonn)

Paola Leaci (La Sapienza University)

Katie Maguire (Queen's University Belfast)

Alessandro Nagar (Centro Fermi)

Micaela Oertel (LUTH Meudon)

Alessandro Papitto (INAF - Rome Observatory)

Andreas Schmitt (University of Southampton)

Diego F. Torres (CSIC-IEEC, ICREA)

Anna Watts (University of Amsterdam)


Meeting Venue

The meeting will be held on April 23-26, 2019 in Platja d' Aro, near Barcelona (Spain) at the Hotel Cap Roig



We have pre-booked 40 Single rooms (~96€ per night) and 60 Double rooms (~78€ per night) at the Hotel Cap Roig. Prices include breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can book a room through the Registration form. Given the paucity of Single rooms, we strongly encourage attendees to share the room, especially PhD students and Post-docs. Thanks for your cooperation!



  • Arrival with welcome cocktail on Monday, April 22nd, 2019 in the late afternoon.
  • Sessions start on Tuesday April 23rd around 9:00 AM.
  • Keynote Speech by Luciano Rezzolla on Tuesday April 23rd evening (with drinks).
  • Conference Dinner on Wednesday April 24th.
  • Sessions finish on Friday April 26th around 14:00 PM.



The Hotel can be reached by train or bus from Barcelona and Girona Airports. Buses will be organized upon request from Barcelona Airport/Center on Monday afternoon, and back on Friday after lunch. 



We are organizing a child care service, but its availability is still dependent on the number of requests we will receive. If you wish to take advantage of this service please fill in the relative form when registration will be open.


Conference Fee

100 euros (in cash at arrival).



Abstract submission: December 1st, 2018 CLOSED!
Financial support: December 1st, 2018 CLOSED!
Registration: December 31st, 2018 CLOSED! number of registrants vastly exceeded!

(Hotel Booking, Shuttle Bus, Financial Support and Chilcare might be requested via the Registration form).


Scientific Organizing Committee

Danai Antonopoulou (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Poland)
Gergely Barnafoldi (Wigner Research Centre, Hungary)
Sebastiano Bernuzzi (U. Jena, Germany)
Enrico Bozzo (U. Geneva, Switzerland)
Marica Branchesi (Gran Sasso Science Institute, Italy)
Pablo Cerda' Duran (U. Valencia, Spain)
Morgane Fortin (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Poland)
Bryn Haskell (Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center, Poland)
Ian Jones (U. Southampton, UK)
Michela Mapelli (U. Innsbruck, Austria)
Alessandro Patruno (U. Leiden, The Netherlands)
Jose' A. Pons (U. Alicante, Spain)
Costança Providencia (U. Coimbra, Portugal)
Nanda Rea (CSIC-IEEC, Spain)
Laura Tolos (CSIC-IEEC, Spain; U. Frankfurt, Germany)
Patrick Weltevrede (U. Manchester, UK)
Roberta Zanin (Max Plank Heidelberg, Germany)

Local Organizing Committee

Francesco Coti Zelati (CSIC-IEEC, Spain)
TingTing Lin (CSIC-IEEC, Spain)
Enrique Mestre (CSIC-IEEC, Spain)
Nanda Rea (CSIC-IEEC, Spain)
Laura Tolos (CSIC-IEEC, Spain)


For more info contact: 

Starts 22 Apr 2019 19:00
Ends 26 Apr 2019 14:00
Platja d'Aro, Girona, Spain