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Previous Talks & Activites

#PizzaSeminar Thallis Pessi

December 2

The origin of life and its connection with meteorites

December 1

#PizzaSeminar Carlos R. García

November 25

Conference on exoplanets

November 24

Seminar by Francisca Kemper

November 23

Outreach talk on cosmic explosions

November 22

Closing ceremony of the Science Week in Catalonia

November 18

#PizzaSeminar Anna Guseva

November 18

Astronomical observation #LookUp

November 17

ALMA-J Seminar by Josep M. Girart

November 15

#PizzaSeminar Francisca Kemper

November 11

3rd Athena X-ray observatory conference

November 7-10

Jocelyn Bell: the discovery of pulsars

November 8

Seminar by Tomasz Kacprzak

November 8

Outreach talk on Hot Jupiters

November 3

#PizzaSeminar Konstantinos Kovlakas

October 28

Outreach talk on supernovae

October 27

Solar eclipse streaming

October 25

#PizzaSeminar Enrique Gaztañaga

October 21

Outreach talk on using GPS for climate monitoring from space

October 20, ASTER

Colloquium by Alberto Sesana

October 20

NewSpace Economy Congress 2022

October 19-20

Congreso Latinoamericano de Divulgadores de Astronomía

October 15

#PizzaSeminar Sergei D. Odintsov

October 14

Seminar by Michael Gabler

October 10

Book presentation: La Terra en perill

October 7

#PizzaSeminar Diego F. Torres

October 7

La Nit de la Recerca a l'escola Gabriel Castellà i Raich

September 30

#PizzaSeminar Peter Brown

September 30

Book presentation: La Terra en perill

September 30, Girona

Science Slam: Ciència al bar

September 29

El naixement de l’Univers

September 28

#PizzaSeminar Jonathan Marshall

September 23

International Astronautical Congress 2022

September 18-22

La Setmana del Llibre

September 14

#Objectes delaRecerca: Concurs de fils de Twitter

July 27 - Sept 11

XV Jornades de la relativitat

September 10

XV Scientific Meeting of the Spanish Astronomical Society (SEA)

September 5-9

#Objectes delaRecerca: exhibition

June 30 - Sept 2

#Objectes delaRecerca: talk by Josep M. Trigo

Sept 1

The XVth Quark confinement and the Hadron spectrum conference

Aug 1 - 6

La Serenalla

July 23

SPIE Astronomical Telescopes + Instrumentation 2022

July 17 - 22

5th Institute of Space Sciences Summer School

July 4 - 15

Heidelberg International Symposium on High-Energy Gamma-Ray Astronomy

July 4 - 8

EAS Meeting 2022

June 27 - July 1

Ciència i Espai: recerca en condicions de microgravetat

June 27

Space Generation Advisory Council

June 24-25

Conference on DART mission on deflecting asteroids

June 23

ePESSTO+ meeting

June 20-21

Making Space Matter Summit

June 20

Jornadas de Cultura Científica y Ciencia Ciudadana del CSIC

June 13-14

#PizzaSeminar Daniel Íñiguez

June 10

Thesis defense by Mariona Caixach

June 8

"Gamma emission from Type Ia Supernovae: simulation, analysis and detection".

#PizzaSeminar Alessio Marino

June 3

Fórum IEEC 2022

June 2

Seminar by Luciano Rezzolla

June 1

Tau Herculids Meteor Shower

May 30

Festa de la Ciència

May 29

Reptes del segle XXI: Aprendre a desviar asteroides i pal·liar el canvi climàtic

May 27

#PizzaSeminar Ornella Piccinni

May 27

Tàndem de parelles científiques d’entitats públiques i privades

May 26

Finestres a l'univers. Curs d'iniciació a l'astronomia

May 25

Living Planet Symposium

May 23-27


May 16-19

Workshop ROM SAF Radio Occultation Meteorology

May 16-19

Ciència amb tirador

May 18

UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022

May 18 - 20

Seed Seminar of Mathematics and Physics

May 17

UNESCO Debate: Higher Education and the SDGs

May 17

Outreach talk on black holes and gravitational waves

May 13, UAB campus

#PizzaSeminar Alessandro Patruno

May 13

IIIA Seminar by Helena Domínguez

May 10

#PizzaSeminar Barbara de Marco

May 6

IberiCOS 2022

May 4 - 6

VLBI seminar by Mar Mezcua

May 5

Book presentation

May 4

Family astronomy workshop

April 30

#PizzaSeminar Diego Blas

April 29


April 28

4th Symposium on Space Educational Activities

April 27 - 29

Finestres a l'univers. Curs d'iniciació a l'astronomia

April 26

#SantJordi book signing

April 23

#PizzaSeminar Michele Ronchi

April 22

RIA-Tec2Space: Instrumentación astronómica en España

April 19-22


April 21

#PizzaSeminar by Evangelia Ntormousi

April 8

#ICCUBSeminars by Helena Domínguez

April 6

#PizzaSeminar Diego F. Torres

April 1

Missió Parker, un vol rasant sobre el sol

March 30

#PizzaSeminar Justus Neumann

March 25

#PizzaSeminar Clara Dehman

March 18

Frontiers of Sciences VI

March 12

El llegat del telescopi espacial Hubble

Feb 2 - March 13

#PizzaSeminar Stefano Ascenzi

March 11

Taula rodona: recerca i tecnologia espacials a Catalunya

March 10

#Pizza Seminar - Philippe Godignon

March 04

L’Enxaneta, un any en òrbita

March 03

#Pizza Seminar - Kuldeep Verma

February 25

Revolucions astronòmiques al segle XXI

February 23

#Pizza Seminar - Tomás Müller

February 18

Chatea con una astrónoma

February 17

Debate on gravitational waves

February 16


February 14


February 11

Webinars Aquae STEM

February 11

#Pizza Seminar - Enrique Gaztañaga

February 11


February 8

#Pizza Seminar - Lluís Galbany

February 04

#Pizza Seminar - Daniele Viganò

January 20

#Pizza Seminar - Estel Cardellach

January 14

Exposition: "The legacy of Hubble telescope"

December 4 - January 9

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