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Previous Talks & Activites

#PizzaSeminar Daniel Íñiguez

June 10

Thesis defense by Mariona Caixach

June 8

"Gamma emission from Type Ia Supernovae: simulation, analysis and detection".

#PizzaSeminar Alessio Marino

June 3

Fórum IEEC 2022

June 2

Seminar by Luciano Rezzolla

June 1

Tau Herculids Meteor Shower

May 30

Festa de la Ciència

May 29

Reptes del segle XXI: Aprendre a desviar asteroides i pal·liar el canvi climàtic

May 27

#PizzaSeminar Ornella Piccinni

May 27

Tàndem de parelles científiques d’entitats públiques i privades

May 26

Finestres a l'univers. Curs d'iniciació a l'astronomia

May 25

Living Planet Symposium

May 23-27


May 16-19

Workshop ROM SAF Radio Occultation Meteorology

May 16-19

Ciència amb tirador

May 18

UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022

May 18 - 20

Seed Seminar of Mathematics and Physics

May 17

UNESCO Debate: Higher Education and the SDGs

May 17

Outreach talk on black holes and gravitational waves

May 13, UAB campus

#PizzaSeminar Alessandro Patruno

May 13

IIIA Seminar by Helena Domínguez

May 10

#PizzaSeminar Barbara de Marco

May 6

IberiCOS 2022

May 4 - 6

VLBI seminar by Mar Mezcua

May 5

Book presentation

May 4

Family astronomy workshop

April 30

#PizzaSeminar Diego Blas

April 29


April 28

4th Symposium on Space Educational Activities

April 27 - 29

Finestres a l'univers. Curs d'iniciació a l'astronomia

April 26

#SantJordi book signing

April 23

#PizzaSeminar Michele Ronchi

April 22

RIA-Tec2Space: Instrumentación astronómica en España

April 19-22


April 21

#PizzaSeminar by Evangelia Ntormousi

April 8

#ICCUBSeminars by Helena Domínguez

April 6

#PizzaSeminar Diego F. Torres

April 1

Missió Parker, un vol rasant sobre el sol

March 30

#PizzaSeminar Justus Neumann

March 25

#PizzaSeminar Clara Dehman

March 18

Frontiers of Sciences VI

March 12

El llegat del telescopi espacial Hubble

Feb 2 - March 13

#PizzaSeminar Stefano Ascenzi

March 11

Taula rodona: recerca i tecnologia espacials a Catalunya

March 10

#Pizza Seminar - Philippe Godignon

March 04

L’Enxaneta, un any en òrbita

March 03

#Pizza Seminar - Kuldeep Verma

February 25

Revolucions astronòmiques al segle XXI

February 23

#Pizza Seminar - Tomás Müller

February 18

Chatea con una astrónoma

February 17

Debate on gravitational waves

February 16


February 14


February 11

Webinars Aquae STEM

February 11

#Pizza Seminar - Enrique Gaztañaga

February 11


February 8

#Pizza Seminar - Lluís Galbany

February 04

#Pizza Seminar - Daniele Viganò

January 20

#Pizza Seminar - Estel Cardellach

January 14

Exposition: "The legacy of Hubble telescope"

December 4 - January 9

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