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Previous Talks & Activites

#PizzaSeminar Cristina Jiménez

March 24

Planet ESLAB symposium 2023

March 20

#PizzaSeminar Alber Elias López

March 17

Jornada any Joan Oró

March 16

#PizzaSeminar Tomás Müller Bravo

March 10

International Women's Day talk at Pau Vila school

March 9

#PizzaSeminar Chris Ashall

March 3

Congrés Dones, Ciència i Tecnologia WSCITECH23

March 2

Outreach talk 'Spanish astronomy from space'

March 1

Outreach talk 'Science opportunity with GPS'

March 1

'Territorio Gravedad', premieres in Barcelona

February 27 & 28

Workshop CSIC Strategic Theme 9

February 22-23

#PizzaSeminar Álvaro Sánchez

February 24

Commemorative day of Einstein's visit to Barcelona in 1923

February 23

#PizzaSeminar Clàudia Soriano

February 17

Seminar - Sascha Husa

February 16

Seminar - Diego Sáez Gómez

February 13

#PizzaSeminar Jordi Isern

February 10

Presentation within our Magnet alliance

February 11

#100tífiques - talks at schools

February 10

Conference on the NewSpace sector

February 9

Outreach talk on exoplanets and Hot Jupiters

February 8

International Day of Women and Girls in Science at ICE-CSIC

February 7

#PizzaSeminar Maria Kopsacheili

February 03

#PizzaSeminar Bret D. Lehmer

January 27

ICE-CSIC strategy retreat 2023

January 24-26

#PizzaSeminar Malgorzata Siudek

January 20

Seminar - Melissa Mendes

January 19

Outreach talk on asteroid impact

January 17

Lecture at Polytechnical Lyceum Fablab

January 17

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