I am a Tenured Researcher (Cientifico Titular) at the Institute of Space Sciences located in Bellaterra, near Barcelona.

My research interests center around stellar physics, with particular focus on interior structure, evolution and physical processes.

Some of my efforts go into detailed modeling of internal structure of the Sun, which can be accurately tested by helioseismology techniques and, after a 40-year long tour-de-force, now by solar neutrinos. Data and models, including results for Standard Solar Models, can be found here.

In stellar physics, my focus is on low-mass and intermediate mass stars. Asteroseismology, particularly thanks to the Kepler mission, allows us for the first time to pierce through the surface layers of hundreds of stars and extract direct information about their interiors. I am member of KASC, and work both in theory and using asteroseismic data for modeling stars that show solar-like oscillations.

Some other current activities relate to: nucleosynthesis in the extremely metal-poor stars, relics of the first generations of stars in the Universe; characterization of populations of white dwarf stars in stellar clusters and their relation to cluster dynamics; determination of stellar parameters.


Dr. Aldo Serenelli

Cientifico Titular - CSIC

Institute of Space Sciences

Carrer de Can Magrans S/N

Bellaterra, Spain

Tel.: +34 93 737 9788