Solar Data & Plots


B16: A new Generation of Standard Solar Models (most up to date models - Vinyoles et al. 2016)

Standard Solar Model

Solar Structure

Including metals up to Ni

GS98 composition - struct_b16_gs98.dat

AGSS09 composition - struct_b16_agss09.dat

Solar neutrinos

Neutrino production & electron profiles

Fluxes - fluxes_b16.dat

GS98 composition - nudistr_b16_gs98.dat

AGSS09 composition - nudistr_b16_agss09.dat


Sound speed and density profiles

GS98 composition - helio_b16_gs98.dat

AGSS09 composition - helio_b16_agss09.dat

Monte Carlo Simulations, Power Laws, Correlations

Monte Carlo results

Small compostion errors

GS98 comp. - MC_b16_gs98_small_err.dat

AGSS09 comp. - MC_b16_agss09_small_err.dat

Monte Carlo results

Large composition errors

GS98 comp. - MC_b16_gs98_large_err.dat

AGSS09 comp. - MC_b16_agss09_large_err.dat

Power laws and Correlations

GS98 composition - pwrlaws_b16_gs98.dat

AGSS09 composition - pwrlaws_b16_agss09.dat

Correlations - nu_corre_b16_gs98.dat

Correlations - nu_corre_b16_agss09.dat