• We are part of the Nuclear and Astroparticle Physics (NAP) Group at ICE.
    These are the people who are/have been working with us

Laura Tolos (Tenured Scientist at ICE)

  •  Marc Comadran, Phd student
    – Stefano Carignano
    – Stephan Stetina
    – Sreemoyee Sarkar, now at TIFR, Mumbay, India
    – Juan. M. Torres-Rincon, now at Universitat de Barcelona
    – Jaume Tarrús, now at TUM, Munich, Germany
    – Robert Bierkandt, now at PIK, Potsdam, Germany
    – Massimo Mannarelli, now at Gran Sasso, Italy
    – Basil S’ad, now outside academia
    – Sergi Gonzalez-Solis, now at IFAE, Barcelona