For students

The organization might provide free accomodation for some students at Villa Universitaria, located at UAB campus. The administrative staff from ICE will manage the bookings.

For lecturers and other participants

Here is a list of some recommended accomodations for your stay during the celebration of our workshop. We encorauge the lecturers to make their bookings as soon as possible, Barcelona is a very touristical destination, so prices and avaiability may vary much as the dates approach.
  • Residencia de Investigadores
  • This nice residence accommodates exclusively researchers and professors. Located at the center of Barcelona, it is highly demanded.

  • Residencia Universitaria Campus del Mar
  • This residence is also located at the center of Barcelona. It accomodates any member of the academic community. It is also highly demmanded, so we recommend to make your booking as soon as possible.

  • Residencia Universitaria Roberto de Nobili
  • This residence is located in Sant Cugat del Valles, a nice and cosy town next to Barcelona and very close to the venue of our conference (UAB campus). It is very well connected by train to Barcelona center and to UAB campus.

  • Hotel Exe Campus
  • This hotel is located at the UAB campus, so walk distance from the conference venue.

In addition, Barcelona offers every type of accomodation, so please take a look at any of the usual booking websites: