Cosmology, the Quantum Vacuum, and Zeta Functions
A workshop with a celebration of Emilio Elizalde's sixtieth birthday
ICE/CSIC, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 8-10th March, 2010

On the ocassion of 60th birthday of professor Emilio Elizalde, we organize a workshop where current research on cosmology, quantum vacuum and zeta functions will be discussed. The workshop will take place at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. The main topics for the workshop are:
  • Dark energy and dark matter
  • Modified gravity
  • Cosmological evolution
  • Cosmology and string theory
  • Quantum vacuum fluctuations
  • Zeta functions in mathematics and physics


You can already see the photos from the workshop here. Also it has been edited a book in honour of the 60th birthday of Professor Elizalde: A choice of papers by E Elizalde.

Last news (8th March)

Due to the Weather, and in order to avoid possible problems that we could have with the snow, the workshop will continue in a Barcelona in the following location:
Hotel 1898
Ramblas 109, 08002 Barcelona.

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