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The campaigns for which the data have been made available can be accessed through the menu lateral. The map below shows the location and tracks of the reflected signals captured in the different campaigns. It is possible to select a particular data type to display in which campaign and where these data were collected. The table below also gives an overall summary of each campaign.

Table 1: Overall summary of each campaign.
Campaign:Year:Funded by:Geographic area:Air/Ground Ocean/Land/Ice/Snow:LHCP+RHCP reflections:Receiver:
Gold Test2005IEEC/ICCNW Mediterranean Sea (Spain)A (3 flights)O/LyesGOLD-RTR (clean-replica)
CoSMOS-OS2006ESANorth Sea (Norway)A (12 flights)OyesGOLD-RTR (clean-replica)
CoSMOS-OS2007ESABaltic Sea (Finland)A (2 flights)OnoGOLD-RTR (clean-replica)
CAROLS2007CNESSouth France, Bay Biscay (France)A (3 flights)O/LyesGOLD-RTR (clean-replica)
SMOS Calibration Rehearsal Campaign2008ESAFinland to Valencia (Europe)A (12 flights)O/LnoGOLD-RTR (clean-replica)
CAROLS2009CNESSouth France, Bay Biscay (France), Valencia area (Spain)A (11 flights)O/LyesGOLD-RTR (clean-replica)
GPS-SI2008-2009ESADisko Bay (Greenland)G (7 months)O/I/SyesGOLD-RTR (clean-replica)
GPS-DS2009ESADome-C (Antarctica)G (10 days)SyesGOLD-RTR (clean-replica)
PIT-POC 22011ESABaltic Sea (Finland)A (2 flights)OyesPIRA (interferometric)
Begur2012ESANW Mediterranean (Spain)G (3 days)OyesPARIS-MB (interferometric)

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