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Campaigns - CAROLS 07

CAROLS 2007 refers to a set of French air-borne campaigns conducted during September 2007 and funded by CNES. The aim of the campaigns was to acquire a better understanding of the L-band radiometry for extraction of soil moisture and ocean salinity, to improve the inversion algorithms and support the validation of ESA's mission SMOS (Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity). The experiments consisted of a set of flights on-board a SAFIRE's aircraft (ATR-42) loaded, among other instruments, with a L-band radiometer (CAROLS), C-band radar (STORM), and the GOLD-RTR GNSS-R instrument. The flights crossed most of the South of France and several hundreds kilometers over the Atlantic Ocean, over several moisture stations, oceanographic buoys, calibration lakes, and a in-situ boat at the mouth of Garonne and Dordogne rivers. Other institutions involved in CAROLS 2007 were CETP, LOCEAN, INRA-EPHYSE, Météo-France, CESBIO, IFREMER and DTU.

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