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Campaigns - CAROLS 09

Funded by CNES, CAROLS 2009 refers to a set of flights on the SAFIRE's ATR-42 aircraft to continue with the validation of the soil moisture and ocean salinity radiometric measurements during Spring 2009. As in 2007's edition, the main payload was composed by a L-band radiometer (CAROLS), a C-band radar (STORM), and a GNSS-R instrument (first experiments with an industrial replica of the GOLD-RTR). Three different kind of flights were done during this campaign: SMOSMANIA, crossing the South of France to capture the soil moisture variation from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mediterranean Sea; Océan, going several hundred of kilometers into the Bay of Biscay from the mouth of Garonne river to measure the salinity gradient; and Valence, flying over the sites of Zaragoza (Monegros) and the Valencia Anchor Station. Other institutions involved in CAROLS 2009 were CETP, LOCEAN, INRA-EPHYSE, Météo-France, CESBIO, IFREMER and DTU, UVEG.

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