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Available Software Codes

  • MLSR: Multiple Layer Single Reflection model

  • WAVPY: Waveform model [wavpy v1.0 User manual]

    An open-source tool for the GNSS+R community

    With UK SSTL's TechDemoSat-1 and UPC's 3-Cat2 already in orbit from July 2014 and August 2016 respectively, the recent launch of NASA's Cyclone GNSS (CYGNSS) constellation during last December 2016 has increased the number of current spaceflight projects based on the GNSS-R concept. Therefore, the interest in this field will raise in the next months and years, with new potential users. In addition, several institutions have conducted their own airborne and ground based campaigns, monitoring a wide variety of surfaces. Overall, an important amount of GNSS-R datasets will be analyzed and compared, including synthetic models.

    In order to facilitate a valid common framework for the GNSS-R community, we present an open source software library for GNSS-R data analysis and modelling: wavpy. Despite being originated from "waveform simulation in Python", this tool is more than a simple simulator. By following an object oriented approach, any user may use the available tools for its own purpose, ranging from just computing the reflectivity parameters for an specific type of surface and incidence angle, till a complete simulation of a GNSS-R scenario. Moreover, a significant recent feature in the library has been the capability of modelling the covariance matrix of waveforms and delay-Doppler maps, which enables the simulation of noise with a realistic statistical characterization in both delay and Doppler domains.

    The wavpy tool will be freely distributed under a control version software, so the potential users will have access to the continuous updates and the possibility of making their own contributions. In addition, we plan to submit the code to the Remote Sensing Code Library (RSCL) initiative from IEEE GRSS.

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