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Campaigns - CoSMOS 06

CoSMOS-OS 2006 comprised a set of flights on the TKK's Skyvan, close to the Norwegian coast to collect sea surface brightness temperature using the L-band radiometer EMIRAD (from DTU) and then, to infer the gradient in the sea surface salinity. Eight flights were conducted after sunset to avoid contamination of the radiometric measurements due to the L-band emissions of the Sun, whereas the other four were Sun-glint flights during late morning. Most of them were concurrent to ENVISAT ASAR overflight.
The campaign was complemented with in-situ measurements of the sea surface salinity provided by NIVA and DNMI. The ICE/IEEC-CSIC contributed with its GOLD-RTR instrument and data analysis to provide estimates of the sea surface roughness sensitive to L-band signals. This product is required to correct the effects of the surface roughness in the radiometric retrievals. The campaign was funded by ESA and had the participation of other institutions like ICM-CSIC and IFREMER.

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