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Campaigns - GPS SI

The GPS-SI campaign was deployed in Greenland as a first part of ESA funded project GPS-SIDS (Sea Ice and Dry Snow), whose objective was to investigate the viability of using reflected GPS signals to study sea-ice and dry snow properties from space. For that purpose, the goal of this campaign was to obtain relatively long term data sets monitoring the complete process of formation, evolution and melting of sea-ice from a fixed platform placed at Godhavn (Disko Bay). After inferring several sea-ice properties such as thickness, roughness and permittivity changes, the results should be extrapolated to a spaceborne platform. The GNSS-R instruments employed were the ICE/IEEC-CSIC's GOLD-RTR and the GFZ's GORS.
The equipment was installed at a telecommunication tower situated at the edge of a cliff at approximately 650 meters above sea level and was controlled remotely through an Internet connection. From the end of October 2008 until mid of May 2009, more than seven months of data are available. Other organizations involved in this campaign were ADT and DMI.

Greenland Campaign Video

Example of time series and ground-track geo-location for November 21st 2008. The rest of days have similar patterns, shifted in time (~4 minutes shift every day).

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