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GOLD_RTR Mining is a web server for downloading GNSS-R experimental data and related information. In particular, the data collected from 2005 with the ICE/IEEC-CSIC's designed and manufactured GPS Open-Loop Differential Real-Time Receiver (GOLD-RTR).

Since 2005, when the GOLD-RTR was tested on two air-borne campaigns, Global Navigation Satellite System Reflections (GNSS-R) have been obtained with this dedicated receiver. More than 40 flights have been conducted so far, over oceans, lakes, and land; and more than 250 days of continuous monitoring of sea-ice and dry snow. The uniqueness of the data set, consisting of both integrated and also complex raw data; measuring the co- and cross-polar components of the reflected scattering; with delay and delay-Doppler maps, makes it suitable for testing a noticeable amount of potential applications and techniques.

All these data sets, together with the information necessary to understand and analyze them, are made available through this server. We recommend to begin with the review presented in Cardellach et al., 2011.
Free registration is required for data access to guarantee a safe and comfortable download for everybody. The server will be updated with new campaigns as soon as new data sets are ready.

This server has been created and is maintained as part of the project AYA2008-05906-CO2-02/ESP financed by the Spanish Ministry of Research and Innovation.


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