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Campaigns - Test GOLD_RTR

TEST_GOLD_RTR refers to a set of three flights carried on by ICE/IEEC-CSIC and ICC in 2005, with the aim of testing the GOLD-RTR GNSS-R instrument during aircraft campaigns. At the morning of July 13rd , a flight over the Mediterranean Sea along the Catalonian North coast was performed. Several configurations were proved, including Delay Maps, Delay Doppler Maps and altimetric tests. The reflected GPS signals were all gathered through LHCP antennas.
During July 14th two flights were performed. The first one overflew the Ebre's delta and entered several kilometers into the sea, repeating this process few times. Similar configurations were proved, but in addition, the reflected GPS signals were gathered through both RHCP and LHCP antennas for some time periods. During the afternoon, a flight with the same pattern and configurations that the day before was done.

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