ESA’s second Scout mission

Led by Surrey Satellite Technology, HydroGNSS will measure key hydrological climate variables.

An ESA mission for the climate

The mission, led by the British company Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd, will provide measurements of key hydrological climate variables including soil moisture, freeze–thaw state over permafrost, inundation and wetlands, and above-ground biomass. These variables help scientists understand climate change and contribute towards weather modelling, ecology mapping, agricultural planning and flood preparedness.

ICE's participation

In order to obtain these measurements, scientists will use a technique called ‘Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reflectometry’. Researchers in the Earth Observation Group at the Institute of Space Sciences have more than 20 years of experience in this technique, and are involved in HydroGNSS as part of the mission consortium. The consortium also includes teams at La Sapienza University, Tor Vergata University and IFAC-CNR in Italy, FMI in Finland, NOC and University of Nottingham in the UK.   


Senior institute members involved

Meet the senior researchers who lead our participation in the HydroGNSS mission.

  • Estel Cardellach

  • Weiqiang Li

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