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We develop theoretical models and technologies to understand the Universe we live in, how it formed and evolved, and how it behaves.

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The Institute of Space Sciences has been awarded the 'María de Maeztu' distinction of excellence. Discover more about the award and browse related available positions.

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The new faces at the institute. Welcome, everyone!

  • Alejandro Erostegui Losantos

    He is a PhD student working on the search and study of dual AGN systems in galactic mergers across different mass scales.

  • Enrique Mestre Guillén

    Enrique is a postdoctoral researcher in high-energy astrophysics, particularly in the domain of gamma rays. He will work in the software Central Scheduler of the CTA observatory in development at ICE and support ICE's effort to assist CTA in accomplishing its Key Science Programs.

  • Jorge Rivero González

    He is the Head of the Communication and Outreach Office. He is an astronomer and science communicator whose interests include exploring ways to better engage the public with the wonders of the universe and raise awareness about the potential of astronomy for sustainable development.

  • Álvaro Sánchez-Monge

    He is a Ramon y Cajal senior researcher working in the area of star formation and astrochemistry. He is involved in the ALMA large programs ALMAGAL and ACES which will help understand star formation throughout our Galaxy.

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