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The new faces at the institute. Welcome, everyone!

  • Elena Díaz

    She is a JAE Intro intern currently working in the research group of star and planet formation with Josep Miquel Girart. Her work is focused on the VOLS (Very Large Array Orion Survey) project whose objective is the characterization of the radio emission from VLA sources. The ultimate goal is to develop an artificial intelligence-based algorithm to determinar the properties of the radio sources.

  • Lara Piscarreta

    She is a JAE Intro intern studying infant supernovae by reducing and analyzing spectra taken in the first few hours to days after the explosion. This is important to extend our understanding of SNe origins.

  • Gemma Domènech

    She is a JAE Intro intern with Ciska Kemper, working on a megapixel dust map of the Large Magellanic Cloud to assess spatial resolution effects in dust mass determinations.

  • Konstantinos Kovlakas

    He is a postdoctoral fellow working on modeling the formation and evolution of X-ray binaries with binary population synthesis codes and cosmological simulations.

  • Ciska Kemper

    Ciska Kemper is an ICREA research professor working on the formation and evolution of dust in the interstellar medium of galaxies.

  • Patrícia Ferrés Rubau

    She's a member of AEU, with background in Mechatronics Engineering. She will help in several ICE's projects, specially for hardware design. 

  • Cristina Jiménez

    She is a PhD student at HOSTFLOWS project working on the characterization of the local environments of nearby standard candles.

  • Lluc Ramon Busquets

    He is a PhotSat Mission analyst engineer and he's currently working on the technical definition of the system requirements for the PhotSat mission project.

  • George Dorin Ferentz

    He is an economist integrated in the Advanced Engineering Unit, coordinating new internal standard procedures, managing staff and costs.

  • Josep Maria Cirera

    He is the new technical head of the Advanced Engineering Unit. His long-term experience in research infrastructures will allow us to improve our technical competences and laboratory facilities.

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