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Summer School

An introduction to the Summer School

The Institute of Space Sciences (ICE-CSIC) does forefront scientific and technological research with the mission of contributing to our understanding of the Cosmos.

Our centre organises a Summer School for Master and PhD students every year over the summer, usually during the month of July.

Students from everywhere have the opportunity to broaden their knowledge, network with researchers and use the experience acquired for their thesis, PhD or post-doc research in the future.

The 7th Institute of Space Sciences Summer School will take place in Barcelona in early July, 2024. The theme this year will be Multiwavelength approach to exoplanetary systems. It will be focused on exoplanet detection and characterization, as well as the study of exoplanetary interaction with their host star. More information will be announced in early 2024.


The school will be held at our institute. Please check the information on how to arrive here.

How was the 6th ICE-CSIC Summer School?

You can read about the experience of the 6th Summer School edition in this piece written by the ICE-CSIC Summer School Life Cycle of Dust SOC & LOC in the link below. In our social media, you'll find footage about the 2023 Summer School and videos with attendees' experience and thoughts.

Past editions


Life Cycle of Dust


Modified gravities, Inflation and Primordial Perturbations: theory and computing


Artificial Intelligence for Astronomy


Suspended due to the Covid-19 health crisis


Geoscience and Remote Sensing society (GRSS)


Gravitational Wave Astronomy


Neutron Stars and their Environments